About Us

Setting the Pace in Skin Imaging Worldwide

  • Early Skin Cancer Detection
  • Total Body Mapping and Mole Mapping
  • Dermoscopy and Psoriasis assessment
  • Aesthetics and cosmetic medicine
  • Trichoscopy
  • Fluorescence

FotoFinder develops and manufactures world-leading skin imaging systems specialising in the storage, management, and analysis of patient information for digital aesthetics, dermatoscopy, and body mapping procedures. Our systems and equipment bring the skin into the picture brilliantly and take medical photography to a world-leading standard by combining state-of-the-art technology with software, hardware, and camera technology.

As a technology leader, we continue to play a major role in the future development of medical imaging systems. FotoFinder has developed milestones with aesthetics and in skin cancer diagnosis, which have since become the industry standard. Along with outstanding customer service, in-depth training, and full technical support, FotoFinder has become the global leader in medical photography.

FotoFinder was established in 1991 when multimedia gained importance. At that time father and son, Rolf and Andreas Mayer, and their team foresaw opportunities in digitizing video data and creating digital image databases. The FotoFinder imaging database was born.

When Rolf Mayer met an influential dermatology professor a few years later, it became obvious that an imaging system to monitor moles would greatly improve skin cancer diagnostics: The FotoFinder imaging database was quickly extended by a video camera, a special optic for microscopic imaging, and finally a computer system. The FotoFinder dermoscope was born.

The FotoFinder network extends around the world with twenty-five years of experience.  FotoFinder has become the leading manufacturer of skin imaging systems world wide. Our continuous development and research in cooperation with well-known universities and institutes have contributed to the development of several expert systems which help simplify documentation of skin diseases.