FotoFinder handyscope

The most mobile dermatoscope for iPhone and iPod
FotoFinder Handyscope Precision optics TwinLight Immersion Polarization Intuitive App

In 2010 we reinvented dermoscopy with the handyscope. It turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a digital dermatoscope and opens up a whole world of eDermoscopy!

Capture brilliant images of moles, hair and scalp with the touch of a finger. Evaluate lesions using our Second Opinion Service or the Artificial Intelligence Score. Use the TrichoLAB SnAPP and turn your smartphone into a platform for trichoscopy, with access to the expertise of renowned hair specialists!

Precision optics

Excellent images thanks to the combination of FotoFinder precision optics and the Apple device camera. Autofocus for consistent images with 20x magnification.

Intuitive App

Freeze, save and add localization, patient data and comments to images. Encrypted storage in the password-protected app. Photos sorted chronologically and automatically with date and time.

Much more than just a lens

Individually adjustable features, depending on personal workflow. Long-term organization of images in the secure FotoFinder Hub. SSL-secured e-mail transmission directly from the app.

TwinLight for Immersion & Polarization

Switch button for easy switching between polarized and non-polarized light. Attachments for contact and non-contact dermoscopy.


Light, elegant, perfect fit

Functional design in which the iPhone fits perfectly. The sliding mechanism ensures a firm fit and optimum position of the lens system in front of the camera. Developed and manufactured in Germany.


Long LED power with battery indicator

Powerful battery for up to eight hours of LED illumination. The control LED lights up when the charge is below 25%. Easy charging with the standard USB cable.