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FotoFinder is a pioneer in skin imaging because… YOUR PASSION IS OUR PASSION!

For almost 30 years, we have been committed to image quality and focus on what is important for YOU. We listen and we act.

We developed the first Bodyscan software around the turn of the millennium because we discovered that a total view of the body was so important for you, even though there was no standardized protocol at that time which would allow analysis with perfect images. We, therefore, went on to develop the first manual – bodystudio solution that enabled consistent digital documentation of the skin surface. Then we automatized the procedure to save you time. We turned the page again and again and wrote the different chapters to optimize the workflow and increase diagnostic accuracy.

The introduction of the ATBM for Automated Total Body Mapping in 2013 led to a breakthrough thanks to the intelligent combination of dermoscopy and fully automated whole body photography based on the “two-step method of digital follow-up”.  We have therefore revolutionized mole monitoring and made great progress in detecting de novo melanoma. Today, ATBM proves its worth every day at more than a thousand hotspots and is the first choice of key opinion leaders worldwide.  However, the “two-step” workflow can still be time-consuming, especially when it comes to dermoscopy on patients with multiple nevi. Thatʼs why

In this issue of INSIGHTS, we proudly present the complete journey from whole body to cell body, from Total Body Dermoscopy to Confoscopy – travel with us and discover a whole new world of skin experience!