FotoFinder CARE

Your FotoFinder system is an investment that contributes to your practice’s long-term success. FotoFinder CARE comprises various service packages, which are tailored to meet different sized operations whilst ensuring ongoing software upgrades and ongoing servicing of equipment to ensure your systems continued effectiveness.

FotoFinder CARE

Remote Support

FotoFinder CAREFor fast and simple support you can also visit Via remote maintenance, we are able to access your PC directly through the internet to provide immediate and convenient solutions.

Annual remote service

FotoFinder CAREAt least once each year, our technicians perform a full inspection of your FotoFinder system via remote maintenance.

Telephone Support

FotoFinder CAREOften one call suffices to clarify questions immediately.  At FotoFinder, direct contact partners with years of experience advise you personally.  Not virtual, but real live personal service.

Annual camera service

FotoFinder CAREUpon request, we clean and check your video camera annually (optical lenses as well as illumination unit). Package includes fixed price camera rental for 14 days and return shipping to Germany.

Functional camera guarantee

FotoFinder CAREWe guarantee that your camera works! This module includes repairs to your video camera within the defined maintenance period as well as a free loan camera whilst it is being repaired.  All details are in our support agreement.

Software innovation guarantee

FotoFinder CAREYou continue to benefit from all universe software updates as well as from our new and improved functions. This way, your system remains up to date and future-proof.

Functional guarantee “multi-user“

FotoFinder CAREIf you are working with several cameras, our functional guarantee is also available for multi- user installations.  Feel free to contact us.  We provide you with an individual offer.

Practice marketing material

FotoFinder CAREUpon request, every six months you will receive 200 patient brochures and as many posters as you need without charge. Additionally,
we assist you in all marketing issues!

Contact Support

Phone: 03 8524 6370